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Bacon Compton Crisp


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So I have done some digging myself. It takes a great deal of time and patience. I started working on my roots in 1977 when Honey Hunt Yates gave me a bunch of papers someone in the Hunt line had put together. I read it and talked to my Grandfather about that branch of my family but didn’t really do too much with it. A few years ago I started it all a new and ended up getting a whole ton of information on many parts of my family.

This is a work in progress. I have much more information and I will get around to posting it as I go. Bear in mind that as with anything done by human hands there are bound to be mistakes. I have taken information from Courthouse Notes, to Social Security papers down to my grandmothers scribbling on bank deposit envelopes – verifying as much of it as I can. If you find you have information, which is different from what I have posted, PLEASE write me and let me know so I can correct any mistakes.

Oh, the person who had put all that stuff together on the Hunt line? I was very surprised to find out from Honey that it was my Mothers handwriting I had been looking at for so long and didn’t even recognize it…funny!

Have fun and sharpen your spade!

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This site contains information which has been compiled from many sources. Some of the information is my own, however, other researchers have submitted information to me for posting. Information within this site is contextually posted - if you copy this information please verify the context, source, and permissions prior to republishing at any location. Further reading...

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